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About Martin Dubbeling


Martin Dubbeling (1961) is senior consultant, urban planner and urban designer. He is an active and all-round practitioner in the fields of spatial planning, urban planning, landscape architecture and the environment in the Netherlands and China. He is specialised in complex transformations of down town areas of historic villages and cities and in sustainable urban planning and design. In 2013 Martin Dubbeling started Connecting Cities, an office for research, consultancy, design and communication in sustainable urban and regional planning. He works closely together with experts and associates in the Netherlands, Europe, Asia and the USA.

Since 2011 Martin Dubbeling is Vice President Urban Planning Advisory Teams (UPATs) of ISOCARP, the International Society of City and Regional Planners. ISOCARP is a society with 800 members – urban planners and designers and landscape architects – in nearly 80 countries. For ISOCARP Martin Dubbeling is responsible for organising the UPAT workshops. These are workshops of a week with experts from ISOCARP commissioned by cities and regions. In the past years Martin Dubbeling was responsible for UPAT workshops in and missions to Singapore (2010), Wuhan (2012), Perm (2012), Shantou (2013), Nanjing (2013), Ulyanovsk (2015) and for the United Nations to Gaza (2015), the West Bank (2015) and Kabul (2016).

Martin Dubbeling has 25 years of experience in design, research, publications and consultancy in the filed of sustainable urban planning and design. He is one of the authors of the best selling book ‘Sustainable Urban Design, Perspectives and Examples’ (2005) for which he was awarded with the Gerd Albers Award on the 42nd ISOCARP Congress in Istanbul in 2006. The second and revised edition of this book is published in September 2010. Martin Dubbeling was Rapporteur and member of the Congress Team on the 45th ISOCARP congress ‘Low Carbon Cities’ in Porto in 2009 and workshop coordinator of the Young Planning Professionals prior to the 46th ISOCARP congress ‘Sustainable City – Developing World’ in Nairobi in 2010. He has written articles about energy transition and spatial and urban planning and about urban planning in China for the ISOCARP Reviews 05, 07 and 09.

Martin Dubbeling studied Urban Planning and Design at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment of the Delft University of Technology (1981-1988). During and directly after his studies in Delft he had an office for architecture, urban design and research (1985-1992). Subsequently he worked for and had management positions at the design and consultancy offices BügelHajema Adviseurs (1993-1999), KuiperCompagnons (2000-2005) and SAB (2006-2012). Next to his work for these offices he was Chair of the comity on sustainable urban design and planning of the Netherlands professional organisation of urban design and planning (1993-2013) and Vice President of BNSP, the Netherlands professional organisation of urban planning and design (2009-2013).

On invitation Martin Dubbeling organises workshops and gives presentations and lectures at congresses and universities. In the past years he was invited for key note speeches and workshops in Europe (Lille, Antwerp, Copenhagen, Oslo, Kristiansand, Sint-Niklaas, Perm, Delft, Vienna, Amsterdam, Lublin, Minsk, Rome, Moscow, Zürich, Barcelona and London), in Africa (Kampala and Nairobi), in Asia (Singapore, Shanghai, Wuhan, Kunming, Shantou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Brisbane, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Beijing and Ningbo) and the Middle-East (East-Jerusalem, Ramallah, Dubai and Kabul).

Download my CV, short biography and publications: CV + BIO MPW DUBBELING 20 APRIL 2016_EN